Mystical Komodo National Park

Komodo features an extremely rich biodiversity born of a land of contrasts: from warm waters and tropical species, to cooler currents with temperate ocean life. Offering such a diverse range of dive sites and special features, it’s no surprise the Komodo National Park was awarded ‘New 7 Wonder of Nature’ status in 2011. Diving this famous dive destination, which is located within the Coral Triangle, the area boasts the world’s highest marine biodiversity. Under the jurisdiction of the park rangers over 1,000 species of fish and hundreds of different corals are protected. Dive sites stretch from the warm waters of the Flores Sea (Pacific Ocean) in the north to the chillier waters down south in the Indian Ocean. The underwater terrain presents many contrasts, with sheer cliff walls, pinnacles, sandy flat bottoms, underwater plateaus, slopes, caves, swim-throughs and channels – all with differing colors, sizes and types of both hard and soft corals. Expect encounters with pelagics and we promise no dull moment any macro enthusiast with a wide range of critters. Get your macro lens ready for unusual critters and critters that are only special to this area.

Useful Information

Visibility: 5 m to 30 m (15 ft to 99 ft)
Depth: 10 m to 30 m (33 ft to 99 ft)
Currents: Strong (can be strong in some sites)
Suited For: Intermediate, Advanced
Water Temperature: 22 C to 29 C (80 F to 85 F)
Sea State: Calm

Season: Year round
Best Time: May to September
Air Temperature: 27 ~ 31 degrees celsius
Precipitation: May to September being the dry season. Periodic rainfall for the rest of the months like all tropical countries.

Domestic Airport: Labuan Bajo (LBJ)
International Airport: Denpasar / Bali (DPS), Jakarta (CGK)
Check in time: Dependent on flight arrivals
Check out time: Dependent on flight departures
Routes: International in bound flights into Indonesia will have to be through Jakarta, Bali.

Komodo route map

* Routes illustrated may vary and can be subjected to changes.