FAQs - Everything You Need To Know

How do I book a trip?

Email us at ask@divegaia.com with the Trip ID or trip departure date. Trip ID is available on our schedule page.

Can I book a trip via whatsapp?

Yes, Whatsapp us at +65 98171389 with the Trip ID or departure date of the trip you are interested. Trip ID and date is available on our schedule page. https:/divegaia.com/schedule-rates/

How do make payment?

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer to our bank. Our bank information below

Development Bank of Singapore (DBS Bank)
Address: Marina Boulevard
Account Number: 001-00123-0
Swift Code: DBSSGSG

What are the mode of payment available?

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer to our bank.

Bank information as follows:
Development Bank of Singapore (DBS Bank)
Address: Marina Boulevard
Account Number: 001-00123-0
Swift Code: DBSSGSG

Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately, we are not set up to received payments by credit card yet.

What time should I arrive?

It is recommended to take the earliest flight arriving at the city of embarkation.

When do we depart?

It depends on the arrival time of all guest on the trip. We aim to depart port as early as possible  Once all guest have arrived and boarded the vessel and the harbormaster has cleared us,  vessel will depart.

What should I bring?

Sun Block
Comfortable beach wear
Your personal dive equipment
Snorkel (if you are intending to snorkel, as we have limited pieces onboard)
Dive torch (for night dives).

Medical (First Aid).

We have a basic medical first aid kit and carry medical oxygen onboard. Please bring along any prescription medication should you require if any.

Transfers - How do I get to the boat upon arrival?

We highly recommend that you book flights arriving no later than 12 noon.  Gaia Love crew will greet you as you arrive to the airport or hotel, do keep a lookout for them upon exiting customs. All crew of GAIA LOVE will be in uniform and will be holding up DIVE GAIA signs for easier identification. After picking up your luggage, you will be escorted from the airport to the harbor where you will board our skiff for immediate transfer to the boat. The boat will endeavor to leave the port no later than 3 pm subjected to the speed of harbor clearance.

When it is time to depart from the boat, our crew will escort you back out to the airport or hotel.

What sort of food is served onboard?

Three main meals a day are provided, as well as an afternoon tea. Breakfast consists of mostly yogurt, cereal, toast, jam choice of eggs or pancakes and fresh juices. Lunch and Dinner will be a mix of Asian to Western cuisine. Guests may help themselves throughout the day and night to a variety of soft drinks, purified water, herbal teas and fresh brewed coffee. Snacks such as chips, cookies or candies is available in the salon at no extra costs. Beer and a selection of wines is available for purchase onboard.

Special food requirement.

We will endeavor to cater to special food requirements, whether from an allergy or simply personal preference. As it is not always possible to source specific food items in remote locations, please inform our reservations team well ahead of your cruise departure date to ensure we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Is there satellite communication available?

The satellite wifi connection is likely much slower than you are used to, and it is unlike using broadband onshore because weather, cloud cover, humidity as well as position of the satellite at any given time affects the speed and connection. When subscribed, you will have unrestricted or unlimited access for 1 device. The wifi is good for emails and applications like Whatsapp. Streaming is not encouraged as it could degrade the bandwidth resulting in other users being unable to log in. Wifi is chargeable at US$15 per 24 hours. 

How can I pay onboard?

Due to regulations in Indonesia, all goods and services offered in Indonesia are to be charged in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) only. Credit Card Payments – All credit card payments are subjected to a 3.5% surcharge.
For cash payments we can only accept cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), US Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR). Foreign currency notes will have to be unmarked and crisp in condition. It is strongly recommended that guests bring along sufficient local currency (IDR) for their trip.

Do I need Insurance?

Dive Insurance is mandatory on all cruises aboard Gaia Love. Should you require short-term insurance, do let us know ahead, before the start of any cruise. Travel insurance is also highly recommended and should cover your trip and unforeseen events not within our control including trip cancellations.


Daily dive schedule and location will be posted on the board at the dive deck. We will have a general dive briefing at the muster station before each dive. Do note that Gaia Love offers NO DECOMPRESSION DIVES.

Each diver will be allocated their own ‘dive station’ which hold your scuba gear. The crew will load your scuba unit onto the skiffs prior to the dive and unload it after the dive, to be placed back in your station for a refill.  At your individual station, storage compartments are provided. To avoid any confusion, make sure that all your personal items is placed in your own compartments. Prior to each dive please check that your scuba gear is set up properly, valve is on and you have air to breath!

It is mandatory for each diver to have a dive computer and a SMB (surface marker buoy). If you need a lesson or two in deployment of a SMB, please approach one of the dive team. They will be happy to assist in showing you how it works. Reef hooks are optional.

As we are usually remote and are several hours or in some occasion, days away from a proper medical facility or hospital, we would like to stress for all divers to please be conservative on your dives. Our dive guides will give a general dive plan with depth and time, but we encourage all to keep within limits of your dive computer and always keep a lookout for your buddy. In the event should you lock out or have an error on your computer, you will be asked to sit out dives until your computer unlocks or clear of the error. So, please dive conservatively. Should you feel any discomfort before, during, or after a dive please inform us immediately. Solo diving is not practiced onboard Gaia Love.

The Captain and Cruise Managers reserves the discretion to postpone or cancel diving operations due to bad weather, strong current conditions and operational requirements.  They also have the right to prevent a diver from engaging in any form of diving or in water activities in such cases as diving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your safety and well-being are paramount so this request will only be made to avoid accidents and for you own personal safety.

Are there rental diving equipment available on board?

Limited sets of equipment are available on the boat. Limited dive torches are available for night dives and we highly recommend that you bring your own as a back-up, in case of equipment failure or over demand. Items that are available for rental are: BCD, regulator, computer, mask, full foot fins, snorkel and wetsuit.

Please note: full equipment rental does NOT include rental of a dive computer. All equipment needs to be pre-booked min 30 days prior to departure and is subjected to availability. Think wisely when using batteries. We highly encourage the use of rechargeable batteries.

Is nitrox available on the boat?

Enriched Air Nitrox is available on onboard at a 31% mix. Individual mixes unfortunately will not be available. There will be a fee charged of US$15 per day for up to a max of 4 tanks per day.

What scuba tank valve type is available on board?

The tank valves on all of our yachts are both International and DIN, and DIN regulators may be used without the need to bring an additional adapter.

What do I need to know about gratuities?

It is customary practice to tip the crew if you are satisfied with the level of service that they have provided during your diving trip and is highly appreciated by all crew members. If you feel that you have received good service during your stay, then we recommend that you show your appreciation for their hard work. Gratuities are to be paid at the end of the trip in cash.

What plug type is the boat equipped with?

Gaia Love is equipped with multi international sockets with AC 220V supply.

Is there Malaria in Raja Ampat?

Although malaria transmission rates are currently low in the Raja Ampat islands, wearing repellent and appropriate clothing to avoid bites is a must and anti-malarial medications are recommended especially if you plan to spend more time on land (pre/post trips). Doxycycline is often recommended as a good antimalarial and has the advantage of also providing protection against certain other bacterial infections, but you should definitely consult a professional for current recommendations before making a decision about malaria prophylaxis.aia.

Is there a penalty if I cancel my booking?

Yes, unless the terms and conditions stipulated in our terms and conditions are met.

Can I reschedule by booking?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking without penalty provided terms and conditions are met.