Diving the eastern waters of Lesser Sunda brings a constant source of marine life surprises, with a wealth of tiny creatures to the larger fish species and marine mammals. Handsome variety of dive sites covering eastern Flores, Adunara, Solor, Lembata (Kawula), Pantar, Alor, Pura Reta and Ternate to be explored and charm divers from all level of experience from fishy sites to critter hunting, from colorful walls to volcanic black sand. Be aww-ed by stunning sunrises, magical sunsets and witness the fireworks of one of the country’s most active volcanoes.

The Indonesian government has recently agreed to protect this area in order to secure a safe route for migrating cetaceans as they pass through the straits to their feeding grounds in the deep waters of the Banda Sea.

Trips offer divers the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular and untouched coral reefs in Indonesia along with the chance to witness unique behaviors of the many rare and wonderful critters to be found around the Pantar Strait. Divers can expect to see Rhinopias (lacey scorpionfish), pygmy seahorses, manta rays, schooling dolphins, pilot whales and even the occasional migrating blue whale! Be smitten by the charming free diving children of North Pura and catch the ladies of Pulau Ternate weaving colorful ikats.

Dive Gaia offers a range of trip dates to ensure you can experience this superb destination extensively. Dive Gaia covers a shorter Lesser Sunda experience within the Banda Sea (Maumere, Flores to Ambon, Ceram) and The Forgotten Islands (Maumere, Flores to Tual, Kei Islands) itineraries.
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